TCNJ Alcohol Policy

Most colleges and universities recognize that alcohol is a major issue on campus and TCNJ certainly is one of them. The institution is so concerned with possession, consumption and serving alcohol that it has adopted a form alcohol policy that is part of the student code of conduct. The excerpt that follows represents the regulation at TCNJ concerning alcoholic beverages. If you were charged with a violation of this rule or have been charged with underage drinking in Ewing, the lawyers at The Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall are highly knowledgeable in this area to assist you. Our team of former prosecutors and skilled defense attorneys have favorably resolved countless underage alcohol possession and consumption offenses arising at TCNJ. To speak to an attorney about the alcohol case you are facing, contact our Lawrence Township Office at 609–683–8102 for a free consultation.

Alcoholic Beverages

  1. Being in possession of, attempting to purchase, purchasing, or consuming alcoholic beverages on or off campus while under the age of 21.
  2. Selling, distributing, or serving alcoholic beverages to a person under the age of 21.
  3. Possession and/or utilization on campus of devices for the rapid, high-risk consumption of alcohol including, but not limited to funnels, beer pong accessories, beer bongs, luges, etc., regardless of age.
  4. Consuming alcoholic beverages or carrying alcohol in open containers in any public area without the receipt of an alcohol permit, regardless of age.
  5. Hosting the underage consumption of alcohol in a social space, residence hall room, common area, or off-campus space that is occupied by, under the control of, or reserved for the use of a Student or organization.
  6. Possession of common source containers of alcohol on campus whether empty or full, including but not limited to kegs, punch bowls, etc., regardless of age.
  7. Excessive use of alcohol resulting in a state of intoxication which endangers oneself or others.
  8. Disrupting the campus or off-campus community or engaging in any Policy violation while a Student is intoxicated.
  9. The College’s highest priority is the physical and mental health, safety, and well-being of individual Students and the campus community. Therefore, no Student seeking medical attention by contacting either College or local authorities for intoxication (nor a Student who seeks medical attention on behalf of the affected Student) and cooperates with and/or assists any medical, College, or law enforcement officials will be formally charged for the unlawful use or possession of alcohol. Although this does not relieve any Student or organization from responsibility for other policy violations that may have occurred prior to seeking medical attention, the effort to seek help for the affected Student may be a mitigating factor in sanctioning. Affected Students may be required to complete an evaluation or other education programs, but will not face disciplinary charges or sanctions as prescribed through the student conduct process

Criminal Attorney for Alcohol Charges at TCNJ in Ewing NJ

The TCNJ Public Safety Data for 2015 indicates that there were over 300 alcohol arrests and disciplinary referrals for some form of alcohol violation. The largest block of the offenses concerned underage possession and consumption of alcoholic beverage – commonly referred to as underage drinking. Our lawyers defended many of these charges and not only student that we represented was convicted of a criminal violation of any kind. While these results certainly cannot guaranty the same result of you, our attorneys are confident that we can succeed for you too. An attorney is available immediately at 609–683–8102 to discuss the facts of your case and how we can help you.

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