Driving Under the Influence of Drugs (DUI)

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The incident of driving under the influence of drugs in Ewing and other area municipalities is definitely something that is more common, especially when it comes to marijuana and opiate based controlled dangerous substances (“CDS”). If you were arrested in Mercer County for drugged driving, you are among many who have been charged with this variety of DWI. Our attorneys have considerable experience in this realm as former prosecutors that make up one of the state’s largest defense firms with offices in Hamilton, Lawrence Township and Princeton. There is not doubt that a lawyer on our team has the skills necessary to help you avoid a license suspension and other penalties that apply to driving under the influence of drugs. You are encouraged to call 609–683–8102 to take advantage of a free consultation with an attorney on our staff.

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N.J.S.A 39:4-50 prohibits a motorist from not only operating under the influence of alcohol but also a “narcotic, hallucinogenic or habit-producing drug”. When an individual violations this statute, there are exposed to penalties that are largely the same as a conventional DWI involving alcohol. The headings that follow clarify some of the more important dynamics of an offense for driving under the influence of drugs. If you would like to speak to an attorney about your charge, please do not hesitate to contact us.

When is Someone Driving Under the Influence of Drugs?

An individual is under the influence of drug when there is a substantial deterioration or diminution of mental faculties or physical coordination from the substance. The condition must affect the judgement or control the motorist in such a way as to make it improper for him or her to drive safely.

How Does the State Prove a Drug DUI?

Except where someone is alleged to be driving under the influence of marijuana, the state must present evidence from a qualified expert in order to prove a drug DWI. The expert is referred to as a Drug Recognition Expert or DRE. A police officer must go through extensive training to hold this qualification which makes the credential very rare.

What are the Penalties for Drugged Driving?

The penalties for drugged DWI or DUI are identical to those under 39:4-50 for an alcohol based violation with the exception of a first offense. When someone commits a first offense based on alcohol the penalties hinge on whether or not their blood alcohol concentration was .10% or higher. When cocaine, marijuana, heroin, Oxycontin or another prescription legend drug or CDS is the intoxicant, the penalties automatically mirror those for a .10% or higher.

West Windsor NJ Driving Under the Influence of Drugs Defense Attorney

A drug DUI West Windsor or another Mercer County municipality obviously has the ability to impact your life in many ways, including giving rise to a license suspension, significant monetary penalties and even jail. The flip of this is that an attorney on our team can frequently avert these ramifications by skillfully dismantling the evidence present against you in Trenton, East Windsor or Robbinsville. Attorneys at the Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall have a long track record of success in defending CDS and drug charges under 39:4-50. To speak to a lawyer free of charge about your DWI/DUI offense, call 609–683–8102.

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