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Charged With A Juvenile Crime in Hamilton Township New Jersey

As most parents know, teenagers can be impulsive, making decisions that defy all logic. The young brain does not fully develop in the areas which control reasoning abilities and thinking before acting until the early to mid-twenties. This can result in adolescents acting on impulse, engaging in dangerous or risky behaviors, and failing to pause and consider the consequences of their actions. In some cases, those bad decisions can result in an arrest, which is traumatic, not only for your teen, but also for the parents. The outcome for your child is dependent on a number of issues, but probably the one variable which has the greatest impact on your child’s future is your choice of the juvenile criminal defense attorney.

The Hamilton NJ juvenile lawyers at the Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall are extremely knowledgeable regarding the ins and outs of the New Jersey juvenile Court system, and can help you understand what the future holds for your child when he/she appears at the Mercer County Superior Court located in Trenton. Of course, the outcome of your child’s offense will also depend on his or her age, the seriousness of the offense, the need to protect the public, any past history of criminal offenses. A lawyer on our staff, which possesses over 100 years defending juvenile cases in Mercer County, certainly has the tools to fully protect your child against the Hamilton Township charge they are facing. Call our office anytime 24/7 at 609–683–8102 for a free consultation with one of our attorneys.

Hamilton NJ Juvenile Criminal Offense

Hamilton boasts 23 schools in the district, with a student-teacher ratio of about 14:1; four of these schools are public high schools, serving grades 9-12: Nottingham High, Hamilton High Steinert High and Hamilton Educational Program High School. While the schools in Hamilton are, overall, safe and secure for students, there are always problems in high schools. Some information regarding juvenile cases in Hamilton, New Jersey, include:

  • As a general rule, a juvenile criminal offense case will move more quickly than an adult criminal case; a trial can potentially be scheduled as quickly as a day or two, rather than the typical two to six weeks for adult criminal cases.
  • Juvenile cases are not heard in municipal or superior court, rather they are heard in family court.
  • A judge will decide your child’s fate, not a jury.
  • The goal of all juvenile courts in New Jersey is to rehabilitate juveniles rather than punish them.
  • The terms used in juvenile court are also different; a juvenile is not “arrested,” he or she is “taken into custody.” Rather than being found “guilty,” and “convicted” of a crime, a juvenile is “adjudicated as delinquent.”

Where to Turn When Your Child is in Trouble in Hamilton, New Jersey

Because the juvenile court system in Hamilton and across the state of New Jersey is so different from adult court, it is crucial that you have a highly experienced attorney representing your child, protecting his or her rights. The Marshall Law Firm handles all offenses and proceedings in Juvenile Court, including:

  • Drug charges;
  • Robbery;
  • Assault;
  • Sex offenses;
  • Criminal mischief;
  • Waiver and retention hearings, and
  • Weapons violations.

The maximum incarceration terms are less for juveniles than for adult offenders, however under certain circumstances, a juvenile offender who is fourteen or older can be sent to adult court. In either case, a juvenile is required to have an attorney, and it makes sense to have the most experienced attorney by your child’s side. The lawyers on our team will work hard on your child’s behalf, with a goal of the best outcome possible, considering the charges. Our firm is prepared to immediately assist your child—your child’s future is at stake, so call our offices today at 609–683–8102.

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