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Charged With Disorderly Conduct in Hightstown New Jersey

We assume that you have been charged with disorderly conduct in Hightstown New Jersey given that you have landed on this page. You research is well spent since a conviction for this offense is more serious than you might have believed. If you plead or are found guilty of disorderly conduct, you will be left with a criminal record that will effect your future for years to come. It is therefore important that you do your very best to avoid a conviction and this is where the attorneys at the Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall can prove to be invaluable. A lawyer on our team, which has over a century of experience and includes several former prosecutors, has what is needed to successfully defend your Hightstown disorderly conduct offense. An attorney is ready to prepare your defense by calling 609–683–8102 for a free consultation.

Disorderly Conduct Charge in Hightstown New Jersey

Disorderly conduct is a petty disorderly person offense under N.J.S.A. 2C:33-2. If you engage in improper conduct or use offensive language in public, you may be found guilty of this charge. Public place is any location to which a substantial group of people have access including, but not limited to, transportation facilities, sporting event, highway, places of business, a school, restaurant or sidewalk.

Improper conduct occurs when a person allegedly causes public inconvenience, alarm or annoyance in a public place. For example a person may engage in a fight or act in a threatening or dangerous manner. If there is no fighting or violence, the person may create a dangerous or hazardous condition in a public place for no reason.

The second way is to be charged under subsection b of the statute. An individual is guilty of offensive language disorderly conduct if they show a disregard to people’s sensibilities. For instance, the person uses unreasonably loud language in public deemed by people as abusive or offensive, they can be accused of disorderly conduct.

Penalties for Disorderly Conduct. Disorderly conduct is considered a minor offense. However, the misdemeanor charge does carry serious penalties. For instance, a person convicted can serve time in county jail. Penalty for disorderly conduct is about 30 days in county jail. Another penalty is a $500 fine. A judge can also impose other penalties on anyone convicted of disorderly conduct in Borough of Hightstown. This includes paying restitution for any damage done to property.

Defending a Disorderly Conduct Offense. Prosecutors may lead a person to believe they have a slam dunk case against them. That is not always true. The only time a prosecutor does not have to prove disorderly conduct occurred is when the accused pleads guilty or no contest. One way to weaken the prosecutors claim is with a strong defense. The particular defense used depends on the facts of the case. Another way to weaken the prosecutor’s’ case is to challenge the elements of the charge. Prosecutors must use elements to prove their case beyond reasonable doubt. For example, they have to prove the individual actually created a public inconvenience. The defense can challenge whether people were unable to go about their business because of the accused’s alleged improper conduct or offensive language.

Hightstown Disorderly Conduct Defense Attorney

Just because you have been accused of disorderly conduct does not mean you will be found guilty. A defense attorney at the Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall avoids a conviction in most disorderly conduct cases so it certainly is in your best interests to contact us. A lawyer on our staff will work hard to get your 2C:33-2 charge dismissed or dropped/downgraded to a non-criminal municipal ordinance violation. Call our office at 609–683–8102 to speak to an attorney now.

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