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A charge for harassment in Hightstown can have a serious impact on your life. It is a criminal offense that results in a record if you fail to avoid a guilty plea or conviction. You are also exposed to a wide range of penalties. Hiring a skilled defense attorney like those a the Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall is your best weapon for escaping consequences like these in Hightstown Municipal Court. Our firm has over 100 years in practice combined with several former prosecutors on staff. Contact us anytime 24/7 to speak to our lawyers. A free consultation with a lawyer is available now at 609–683–8102.

Harassment Offense in Hightstown New Jersey

A Hightstown harassment offense arises out of N.J.S.A. 2C:33-4. An individual harasses someone in violation of this law if they make a communication that is likely to cause annoyance or alarm. This occurs when you engage in any of the following with a purpose to harass:

  • Cause or make a communication anonymously or at inconvenient hours, or using offensively course language;
  • Engages in a course of alarming conduct or commits repeated alarming acts with the purpose to seriously annoy or alarm an individual; or
  • Threatens to or actually shoves, strikes, kicks or commits offensive touching.

The term “communication” is defined under 2C:33-4 includes verbal or written communication through the telephone, text, email, social media (e.g. face book, twitter, etc.), face-to-face, through a third party or any other means of transmitting voice or data.

Grading of a Harassment Offense. Harassment is typically a petty disorderly persons offense. The charge is enhanced to a fourth degree crime if the accused is serving a term of imprisonment or is on parole or probation for an indictable crime of the first degree, second degree, third degree or fourth degree.

Restraining Order & Harassment. A person accused of harassment can be ordered to stay away from the alleged victim as the result of issuance of a temporary or final restraining order. Restraining orders are civil in nature and are handled in the Family Division of the Mercer County Superior Court.

Penalties for Harassment. A conviction for harassment as a petty disorderly persons offense carries up to 30 days in the county jail and a fine that can reach $500. A fourth degree crime for harassment results in maximum penalties that include a $10,000 and 18 months in prison.

Diversion Programs. There are two diversion programs that come into play for a first time offender. For a disorderly persons offense in Hightstown municipal court, the Conditional Dismissa l program allows for a dismissal of the charge without conviction upon completion of one year of probation. Pretrial Intervention applies when the offense is a fourth degree crime being faced at the Superior Court in Trenton.

Hightstown Harassment Lawyers

You will require that services of a qualified Hightstown harassment defense attorney if you want to avert a criminal record. The former prosecutors and skilled lawyers at the Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall have what you need to fight your offense so that your future is unaffected. With over 100 years in practice between us and a commitment to aggressively seeking the very best result for clients, our attorneys are here to get you a dismissal or downgrade. Contact us at 609–683–8102 to speak to a lawyer about your harassment charge now.

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