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The basis for a lot of legal actions is grounded in the interactions between two people. In terms of this charge, an individual must engage in behavior intended to harass the other in order for the offense of harassment to be committed. Harassment is a commonly charged disorderly persons offense in Hopewell Borough, New Jersey and the harassment defense lawyers at the Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall have years of experience fighting harassment charges. If we are representing you in your harassment defense case, we will do what it takes to prepare your defense to the best of our ability in light of your particular circumstances. Our harassment attorneys have a proven track record of success in getting harassment charges downgraded to a de minimis infraction or getting the charges dropped completely. Please feel free to contact us anytime by calling 609–683–8102 to speak to a harassment charges defense lawyer in a free initial consultation.

What Constitutes Harassment in Hopewell Borough New Jersey?

There are a variety of different behaviors that can constitute harassment under New Jersey law N.J.S.A. 2C:33-4, but as a general rule harassment is when someone for the purpose of harassing another makes communication, which could be done anonymously, at extremely inconvenient times, or when someone uses offensively coarse language in their communication attempts that are likely to cause alarm or annoyance in the victim. Offensive touching of the victim, such as striking, kicking or shoving, or the threat of committing an offensive touching against the victim, can also constitute harassment.

Harassment can take many forms and can be accomplished through many different means. Some of the most common forms of harassment include the following:

  • Harassment by threat. Repeatedly threatening someone is a form of harassment.
  • Harassing someone via texting. Texting someone repeatedly after they have asked you not to can constitute harassment.
  • Using telephone calls to harass someone. Using the telephone to call someone over and over again can be a form of harassment. Then merely calling and hanging up can be a form of harassment when it is done for the purpose of annoying the victim.
  • Constantly attempting to communicate with someone. Constantly trying to communicate with someone when they clearly do not want to communicate with you can be a form of harassment.
  • Annoyance. Repeatedly attempting contact with a victim for the purpose of annoying them is one of the most commonly occurring forms of harassment that happens in New Jersey.
  • Offensive touching. It is also harassment to commit offensive touching, such as hitting or striking the victim, or to levy the threat of offensive touching against the victim.

Harassment is usually a minor offense, referred to as a petty disorderly persons offense, that is handled by the Hopewell Borough municipal court. But a conviction for harassment still packs a punch. Penalties range from thirty days in jail and a five hundred dollar fine for the most minor instances of harassment, but more often harassment charges result in penalties of up to six months imprisonment and a fine of up to one thousand dollars. Penalties are further enhanced if the offender was in prison, on parole, or on probation when the harassment allegedly took place. The consequences you could face are real and they can severely impact your life.

Harassment Attorneys Serving Hopewell Borough, NJ

Many people face harassment charges after being falsely accused with a crime they did not actually commit. It is also common for harassment charges to be levied against someone for activities that do not legally constituted harassment. No two harassment cases are alike so it is important to discuss the specific details of your harassment case with an experienced harassment defense attorneys serving Hopewell Borough, New Jersey. The lawyers at the Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall have over 100 years of combined experience helping people fight their harassment charges. Contact us by calling 609–683–8102 immediately. Attorneys are available 24/7 for free consultations about your particular circumstances.

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