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As more and more states change their laws on marijuana, public perception about marijuana and marijuana possession is changing. Regardless of whether other states have legalized or decriminalized marijuana possession, marijuana possession is still illegal in Hopewell Borough, NJ. If you have been charged with marijuana possession, the marijuana possession lawyers at the Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall are available to help you fight your drug charges. With decades upon decades of experience, our team of marijuana possession attorneys know the law and will help you build your strongest possible defense to the charges you face. Contact us anytime 24/7 by calling 609–683–8102 to speak to a lawyer in a free initial consultation.

Possession of 50 Grams or Simple Possession of Marijuana

Simple possession of marijuana involves possession of 50 grams or less of marijuana. It does not matter how small the amount of marijuana is – if the quantity is less than 50 grams the offense is always charged as simple possession. The offender does not even have to be in actual possession of marijuana to be charged with simple possession. Having any of the following in your possession could result in simple possession of marijuana charges when the quantity is 50 grams or less:

  • Baggies containing crystals from marijuana.
  • Baggies containing hairs from marijuana plants.
  • Stems or seeds from marijuana plants.
  • Marijuana residue on a pipe.

Simple possession is generally considered a disorderly persons offense in Hopewell Borough that carries a maximum penalty of six months in prison and a one thousand dollar fine. First time simple possession of marijuana offenders are often eligible for a diversionary program, in place of jail time. The diversion program is part of a conditional discharge of the simple possession charges. In a diversion program, drug testing is often mandatory for a certain period of time in exchange for the charge to be sealed on the offender’s criminal record. Simple possession of marijuana is a minor charge, but it still should be treated seriously.

Possession of More Than 50 Grams of Marijuana: Fourth Degree Possession of Marijuana in Hopewell Borough

Possession of more than 50 grams of marijuana is considerably more serious than simple possession as this charge carries more serious consequences if you are convicted. Possession of more than 50 grams of marijuana is a 4th degree crime. While simple possession of marijuana charges are heard by the Hopewell Borough municipal court, in the case of a 4th degree offense, such as possession of more than 50 grams of marijuana, the proceeding is held before the Superior Court. A conviction can result in to up to eighteen months in prison and fines amounting to up to than $25,000.

Additionally, other circumstances can make your marijuana possession charges worse. For instance, any of the following circumstances has the potential to enhance the penalty associated with your marijuana possession charges:

  • Possession of marijuana in a school.
  • Possession of marijuana in a public park.
  • Possession of drug paraphernalia.
  • Possession of marijuana in a motor vehicle.

The above mentioned circumstances can result in additional penalties such as extensive community service requirements, loss of driving privileges for multiple years, and longer jail time.

Hopewell Borough, NJ Marijuana Possession Attorney

Anyone who has been arrested and charged with a drug offense, such as marijuana possession, needs to get in touch with an experienced drug offenses attorney as soon as possible. Your rights, and potentially your freedom, are at stake so you should not delay in getting a knowledgeable marijuana possession attorney in your corner. Please contact an attorney at Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall by calling 609–683–8102 immediately. Attorneys are available 24/7 for free consultations about your particular circumstances.

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