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Traffic Violations in the Borough of Pennington

In a case that received press several years ago, a lawyer from Pennington was driving his girlfriend in his BMW SUV. The two were having a dispute, and at one point, the woman fell from the car and onto the street. She later died from her injuries. The Pennington lawyer had been drinking and was charged with driving while intoxicated (DWI). While it was unclear whether there was foul play on the part of the lawyer in the woman’s accident, the one thing that was certain is that the lawyer was now facing a DWI charge. If you were recently charged with a traffic violation, from a minor moving violation to a DWI, you should be represented in court. Even with minor offenses, an experienced attorney has many tools available to help you possibly get the charge dismissed. And with something as serious as a DWI, it is vital that you have representation. We are The Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall. We specialize in handling traffic charges for our clients in Pennington and throughout Mercer County. Call us at (609) 683-8102 for a free initial consultation. We are available 24/7 to speak with you.

Get Traffic Ticket Offenses Dismissed In Pennington

The Marshall Firm handles all types of traffic violations in Pennington Municipal Court, including:

  • Reckless Driving
  • Careless Driving
  • Leaving the Scene of an Accident
  • Blocking Traffic
  • Driving While Suspended
  • Driving Without Insurance
  • Speeding
  • Driving While Intoxicated (DWI)

Let’s discuss the more common offenses that occur in the Pennington area.

Driving With A Suspended License. Driving while suspended is a very serious offense. A conviction for a first offense will result in a $500 fine and an added 6 months of license suspension. A second conviction will result in a mandatory jail sentence of 1 to 5 days, plus a $750 fine, and another 6 months without driving privileges. A third conviction results in a 10-day jail sentence and a $1,000 fine. What happens if you are involved in a car accident while driving with a suspended license? It is a 45-day jail term, even if the accident was not your fault.

Driving While Intoxicated (DWI). DWI is not considered a criminal offense in this State, which means that you do not have the right to a trial by jury for a DWI in New Jersey. That said, the punishment can still be significant. A conviction for a first offense results in a 1-year license suspension. A second conviction is a 2-year suspension, and a third conviction is a 10-year suspension. Further, a third DWI conviction means the judge must impose a jail sentence.

The Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall have a leg up on other attorneys specifically with regard to DWI offenses. Not only have Marshall attorneys successfully helped many clients charged with DWI, but also our attorneys have specialized training in the sobriety test procedures employed in DWI cases.

Pennington Traffic Ticket Lawyers Can Help You Beat Your Traffic Tickets

Traffic offenses in New Jersey have consequences beyond monetary penalties. Some offenses may even result in jail time. Given that you most likely need a car to go to work and support yourself, do not go it alone in court when you have been charged with a traffic offense. The lawyers at The Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall are here to assist you. The first consultation is free, so call our Lawrenceville office at (609) 683-8102.

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