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The Princeton Day School has enrollment of approximately 400 students so it certainly is not a hotbed for disciplinary violations or criminal charges. Nonetheless, this private school has the same opportunity for personal conflict, drugs and alcohol that other institutions experience. For those with the misfortune of being charged with a violation of the personal conduct code or a criminal offense, retaining a knowledge attorney is crucial. This is where the lawyers at The Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall can provide assist to you and your child. We are former prosecutors and skilled defense attorneys who possess over 100 years of collective experience. A lawyer with the know how to see that you have all the opportunity you deserve to avoid a conviction is ready to assist you by contacting our Princeton Office at 609–683–8102.

Criminal Charges at Princeton Day School

Just about any criminal charge has the potential for occurring at Princeton Day School. Notwithstanding, there are plainly some offenses that occur more often than others. Those which fall within the grade of a disorderly persons offense like possession of 50 grams or less of marijuana, underage possession and consumption of alcoholic beverages, harassment and simple assault are but a few of the more common violations. Cases involving misdemeanor charges such as these fall within the jurisdiction of the Princeton Municipal Court. When a criminal offense is indictable in nature falling within the category of a first, second, third or fourth degree crime, jurisdiction rests with the Mercer County Superior Court in Trenton. Matters falling within this class include aggravated assault, sex offenses, burglary, distribution of controlled dangerous substances (“CDS”), including marijuana, and possession of cocaine, MDMA, LSD. The table that follows outlines the standard penalties that you face for each grade of criminal offense just described.

Degree of Offense Maximum FinePeriod of Incarceration
First Degree$200,00010-20 Years
Second Degree$150,0005-10 Years
Third Degree$15,000Up to 5 Years
Fourth Degree$10,000Up to 18 Months
Disorderly Persons Offense$1,000Up to 6 Months

Princeton Criminal Attorney for Charge at Princeton Day School

Princeton Day School is a highly regarded institution but that does not mean it has no incidents of criminal violations or disciplinary sanctions. The Princeton Criminal Lawyers on our staff are available to help those who are confronted with such a situation. Our team will aggressive pursue the very best result on behalf of your son or daughter so that their bright future remains fully intact. Having an attorney that will maximize the protection of your child is essential. This is exactly the role that our attorney can serve for you. Call 609–683–8102 for a free initial consultation.

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