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Alcohol is a major issue on campus at Princeton University with many violations for underage drinking, possession of alcohol and public intoxication. If you were issued a disciplinary violation or issued a criminal complaint for an alcohol charge, knowing what you are up against is imperative. If you are convicted of underage possession or consumption of alcohol, you will have a criminal record that can easily impact your future. You can also receive a formal sanction by the University. Hiring a gifted attorney is probably your best tool for avoiding consequences like these. The lawyers at The Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall have decades of experience defending students and other underage individuals under legal drinking age of twenty-one (21) who have been charged with illegal possession of alcohol. To speak to one of our attorney about the circumstances of your case and options for keeping your good record intact, contact our Princeton Office at 609–683–8102.

Charged With Underage Drinking & Alcohol Possession at Princeton University

Most underage drinking charges are filed in accordance with N.J.S.A. 2C:33-15. This law provides, in pertinent part, that:

Any person under the legal age to purchase alcoholic beverages who knowingly possesses without legal authority or who knowingly consumes any alcoholic beverage in any school, public conveyance, public place, or place of public assembly, or motor vehicle, is guilty of a disorderly persons offense, and shall be fined not less than $500.

The penalties for violating this law include a fine of at least $500 and no more than $1,000 and up to six (6) months in the Mercer County Jail. When the violation of 2C:33-15 occurs in a motor vehicle, the accused is subject to a mandatory driver’s license suspension of 6 months. Lastly, the judge presiding over your case in Princeton Municipal Court may impose a requirement that the underage drinker complete an alcohol education or treatment program.

Princeton University Underage Alcohol Possession Attorney

Underage alcohol offenses have a tendency to be treated lightly only to mushroom into something much more serious. The key to proper handling of a public intoxication or underage possession case is to handle the charge seriously, including hiring a skilled attorney. The Princeton NJ Criminal Attorneys at our firm have the qualifications, including years of experience defending cases like yours to insure your maximum protection. A lawyer at The Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall is just a telephone call away at 609–683–8102.

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