Mercer County Superior Court

Indictable & Felony Charges in Mercer County

Mercer County is a made up of a unique combination of rural communities, such as Hopewell Township, suburban towns like Hamilton, and the urban cityscapes of Trenton. All the serious crimes from every town in the county are handled at the Mercer County Superior Court, Criminal Division in Trenton. As a result of the county’s diverse economic and geographic landscape, The Superior Court hears a wide variety of different indictable crimes such as Shoplifting, Aggravated Assault, Heroin Possession, and Possession of a Weapon for Unlawful Purpose. If you have been charged with a felony or indicted in Mercer County it is imperative that you hire an experienced Mercer County Superior Court Defense Lawyer. The Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall has a team of seven criminal defense attorneys with over 100 years of combined experience and from our office in Princeton we provide representation for clients throughout Mercer County.

Mercer County Superior Court Criminal Charges

The Mercer County Superior Court is located at 209 South Broad Street, PO Box 8068, Trenton, New Jersey 08650. The Assignment Judge is The Honorable Linda R. Feinberg, J.S.C. and oversees criminal division and handles limited judicial proceedings, for example, a motion to be removed from Megan’s Law. There are five Mercer County Superior Court Criminal Judges that hear all kinds of different indictable or felony charges, including Cocaine Possession, Intent to Distribute Marijuana, Armed Robbery, and Credit Card Fraud. The Honorable Gerald J. Council, P.J.S.C. is the presiding criminal judge and The Honorable Robert Billmeier, J.S.C., The Honorable Pedro J. Jimenez, Jr., J.S.C., The Honorable Edward M. Neafsey, J.S.C., and The Honorable Mitchel E. Ostrer, J.S.C. oversee the other criminal cases. Our lawyers appear on a regular basis before the judges, prosecutors, and court administrators who will be handling your Mercer County indictable crime so we can ensure that your case is handled smoothly from start to finish throughout the judicial process.

Indicted for Distribution of Drugs in Mercer County

When you are initially charged with a felony, your case is sent up to the Mercer County Criminal Division Manager’s Office and the Prosecutor’s Office so they can review the facts and details of your case and decide whether it’s in the State’s interests to keep it at County or remand the charges back to municipal court. By getting an experienced criminal defense attorney involved early on, our lawyers can work with the Prosecutor’s Office towards getting your charges remanded or, in the alternative, seek to resolve your case before you are indicted. The Mercer County Prosecutor’s Office is located on the 3 rd floor of the County Court House S. Broad Street, Trenton, NJ 08650. The phone number is (609) 989-6350 and the fax number is (609) 989-0161. The County Prosecutor is Joseph L. Bocchini, Jr. and he oversees a team of over 40 Assistant County Prosecutors. For more information you can visit the Mercer County Prosecutor’s Office website at

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