Driver Arrested in Hamilton Hit-and-Run

The driver involved in the hit-and-run accident has been arrested as the accident left a guy severely injured as the man who was hit was left on a street while he was bleeding. The man belonged to Hamilton and according to the police, the accident happened in August at around 2:30 a.m. at night.

The driver named, Ashli Mohamed who also belongs to Hamilton and is a resident of the of Kuser Road’s 1500 block was arrested on the basis of aggravated assault charges on immediately leaving the accident scene where he left the other guy seriously injured, attempting to tamper with the proofs and evidences and numerous motor vehicle writs. The bail was set by the authorities at $100,000. Later Hamilton was informed of Ashli’s arrest.

According to what the police said, the accident took place on the 10th of August when 24 years old Ryan Hamilton was hit by Ashli Mohamed’s Nissan Altima at around 2:30 a.m. The incident happened right in front of his home at the Sylvan Avenue. Ryan was run over around three times as Mohamed tried to dislocate him from the undercarriage of the car ahead of escaping. Mohamed’s vehicle hit Hamilton really bad and then continued to drag him about 100 yards. This was reported by Toms River’s Hometown Heroes that have also set up a charity fund for Hamilton.

After the incident Hamilton was taken to the Capital Health Regional Medical Center by crisis medical service helpers for immediate treatment of all the injuries that were caused by the collision. After his pelvis injury was taken care of, the hospital discharged him. During this entire time, his sister, Kaitlin Hamilton, had been updating the people on Hamilton’s condition using her Facebook page.

While talking to a reporter, Lieutenant Richard Mastropolo told him, “It looks like they backed up and went forward, trying to get him off the car.” At the time of the incident, the reports say that there were around three passengers in the car. This was analyzed by the footages on the incident as they had female voices in the background. The hit left Hamilton with several injuries including broken pelvis.

According to the police the investigation is still going on and there is a number of additional complaints in pending status. The Mercer County Prosecutors Office and the New Jersey State Police are helping with the proceedings of the investigation.

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