Quaker Bridge Mall Shoplifting Offense

Arrested in Lawrenceville NJ For Shoplifting at Quaker Bridge Mall

Quaker Bridge Mall is a regional mall operated by Simon Property Group in Lawrence Township New Jersey. The 1,084,000 square foot mall has anchor stores that include Macy’s, PCPenney, Lord & Taylor and Sears. Not surprisingly, this retail venue is the largest source of shoplifting charges in Mercer County. If you were arrested for shoplifting at Quaker Bridge Mall, you clearly are not alone. Hundreds of individuals are charged with shoplifting at the mall every year and our attorneys certainly defend their fair share of these defendants. We are one of the largest criminal defense firms in the state and have an office conveniently located in the Lawrenceville Section of Lawrence Township. The eight lawyers on our defense team include several former prosecutors and possesses over 100 years of combined experience. If you would like to speak to a lawyer at our firm about the shoplifting charge you are facing, contact our Lawrence Township Office for a free consultation. An attorney is available 24/7 to speak to you at 609–683–8102 if you were arrested at Quaker Bridge Mall at stores like:

Charged With Shoplifting at Quaker Bridge Mall

There are over 120 retail stores in Quaker Bridge Mall and shoplifting occurs at just about every one of them. Our Lawrence Township Shoplifting Attorneys defend any and all offenses arising at this venue. All of these offenses arising out of N.J.S.A. 2C:20-11, commonly referred to as the New Jersey Shoplifting Law. An individual commits the offense of shoplifting if they:

  1. Take merchandise with the intention of permanently depriving the owner of its value;
  2. Conceal merchandise that has been offered for sale by a merchant;
  3. Alter the price tag or other label in order to distort the value or identity of the merchandise;
  4. Transfers the box, container or other display in order to deprive the merchant of the goods; or
  5. Under-ring with the intention of depriving the merchant of the full retail value thereof.

The chart that follows outlines the penalties and collateral consequences that apply at the time of sentencing on a Quaker Bridge Mall shoplifting charge.


When Applies

Monetary Penalty



Disorderly Persons OffenseLess Than $200 in MerchandiseUp to $1,000 Fine; $100 VCCB; $75 SNSF; $33 Court CostsUp to 6 MonthsCommunity Service of 10 days for a first offense, 15 days for a second offense and up to 25 days for a third offense.
Fourth Degree$200 but less than $500Up to $10,000 Fine; $100 VCCB; $75 SNSF; $33 Court CostsUp to 18 MonthsSame
Third Degree$500 but less than $75,000Up to $15,000 Fine; $100 VCCB; $75 SNSF; $33 Court CostsUp to 5 YearsSame
Second DegreeOver $75,000Up to $150,000 Fine; $100 VCCB; $75 SNSF; $33 Court Costs5-10 YearsSame
Shoplifting Turned RobberyUse of Physical Force or Threat (Second Degree)Use of Weapon (First Degree)Up to $150,000 (2nd Degree); Up to $200,000 (1st Degree); $100 VCCB; $75 SNSF; $33 Court Costs5-10 for Second Degree & 10-20 for First DegreeSame

About Quaker Bridge Mall

The Quaker Bridge Mall is located at 3320 Brunswick Pike, Lawrenceville, New Jersey 08648. The telephone numbers is (609) 799-8130. Official website can be found by clicking here.

Lawrence Township Shoplifting Defense Attorney

Shoplifting at Quaker Bridge Mall is relatively common despite the consequences that someone faces in Lawrence Township Municipal Court or, worse yet, at the Mercer County Superior Court. Irrespective of where your shoplifting case is pending, hiring a gifted defense attorney is probably the biggest thing you can do to protect yourself against negative ramifications. The lawyers on the criminal team of The Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall are fully capability of achieving this mission with over a century of experience between them, including time learning how the system works as prosecutors. The Lawrence NJ Shoplifting Lawyers at the firm are always available to discuss the details of shoplifting cases and this service is provided without obligation. To speak to one of our attorneys now, call 609–683–8102.

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