Sears Shoplifting Offense

Arrested for Shoplifting at Sears in Lawrenceville New Jersey

Sears is one of the oldest department store chains in the United States and has maintained a location at the Quaker Bridge Mall for decades. Like many of the major retailers at the Lawrence Township facility, shoplifting is commonplace. We know this fact well as attorneys that have handled countless theft offenses arising there over the last twenty plus years. Hundreds of individuals are charged with shoplifting at Sears and other stores in the mall every year.

The lawyers at The Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall have defending their fair share of permanent residents (e.g. Green Card Holder), Visa Holders (e.g. H-1, H-4, etc.) and citizens charged with shoplifting at Sears. We have extensive experience appearing at the Lawrence Township Municipal Court and in Trenton at the Mercer County Superior Court and, more importantly, a track record of success helping individuals avoid a criminal record for shoplifting. To speak to an attorney about your case, contact our Lawrence Township Office. A lawyer can be reached 24/7 by calling 609–683–8102.

About Sears Quaker Bridge Mall

The address for Sears Quaker Bridge Mall is 300 Quaker Bridge Mall, Lawrenceville, NJ 08648. The telephone for the store is (609) 936-2000. To review the official website for this Sears location click here.


When Applies

Monetary Penalty



Disorderly Persons OffenseLess Than $200 in MerchandiseUp to $1,000 Fine;$100 VCCB;$75 SNSF; $33 Court CostsUp to 6 MonthsCommunity Service of 10 days for a first offense, 15 days for a second offense and up to 25 days for a third offense.
Fourth Degree$200 but less than $500Up to $10,000 Fine; $100 VCCB;$75 SNSF; $33 Court CostsUp to 18 MonthsSame
Third Degree$500 but less than $75,000Up to $15,000 Fine;$100 VCC;$75 SNSF; $33 Court CostsUp to 5 YearsSame
Second DegreeOver $75,000Up to $150,000 Fine; $100 VCCB; $75 SNSF; $33 Court Costs5-10 YearsSame
Shoplifting Turned RobberyUse of Physical Force or Threat (Second Degree)Use of Weapon (First Degree)Up to $150,000 (2nd Degree); Up to $200,000 (1st Degree); $100 VCCB; $75 SNSF; $33 Court Costs5-10 for Second Degree & 10-20 for First DegreeSame

Shoplifting Lawyer in Lawrence Township NJ

Sears has an aggressive loss prevention department and store security with sophisticated surveillance throughout the store. If you were targeted for shoplifting and are facing a charge, you need to take this offense seriously. A conviction will leaving you with a criminal record for stealing and this can affect your immigration status, employment and ability to secure a professional license. Our attorneys can assist you by insuring that you have every opportunity to escape ramifications that negatively impact your life. A lawyer at The Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall is always available to provide a thorough consultation by calling 609–683–8102. Contact us for the sound guidance from a lawyer that you need.

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