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Cocaine had long been one of the most popular recreational drugs throughout the United States and is common and easily obtainable drug on the streets in Trenton and other locations in Mercer County New Jersey. Cocaine and its derivative crack cocaine are powerful narcotics that have gained popularity predominantly by the upbeat energetic high experienced by its users. It is not surprising that young adults, including students at TCNJ, Rider University and Princeton University, find the drug very attractive. The white powder form, the most common variety of cocaine, is actually derived from the leaves of the coca plant (erythroxylon coca), native to the Andes Mountains in South America. Cocaine has been used for its “high” for centuries and can be dated back to the indigenous Indians of Peru and Bolivia, who used to chew or suck the leaves to increase endurance and relieve hunger. Its effects are similar to those of amphetamines. Cocaine was first extracted and identified in the mid-1800’s and primarily used as a “cure-all” tonic and elixir to treat a wide variety of illnesses. Later on, it was accepted in the medical community as a local anesthetic for eye, nose, and throat surgeries. Most famously cocaine was found in the popular soft drink Coca-Cola even until the turn of the century. The drug was made illegal after World War I, except for medical purposes until the advent of amphetamines and other synthetic drugs.

Street Names: Coke, Charlie, Snow, Flake, Blow, Toot, Yao, Dust, White

To create the white, crystalline powder commonly as associated with cocaine, the leaves of the coca plant must be made into a paste and then its contents heated with hydrochloric acid to produce cocaine hydrochloride. The most popular method of use is snort lines of the cocaine powder through the nose. Cocaine stimulates the cells of the central nervous system and cardiovascular system. The feeling of stimulation that comes from cocaine use is due to its activation of nerve cells in the brain that release dopamine, a chemical associated with pleasure and a sense of alertness. This commonly results in an accelerated heart rate, fast breathing, high blood pressure and increased temperature. The two most important factors in determining the effect of the drug are the amount taken and the method of ingestion. Snorting the cocaine can take a several minutes to feel the affects while the effects of smoking cocaine or crack are almost immediate. The purity of the drug is almost always diluted by dealers to increase volume and multiply profits by mixing in cutting agents such as lactose, cornstarch, inositol, lidocaine, mannitol, talcum powder, or sugar.

Crack Cocaine

Crack or rock cocaine is freebase cocaine that does not have a water-soluble component, hydrochloride. It is made by cooking and dissolving cocaine hydrochloride with a strong alkali, such as baking soda or ammonia, and then drawing out the pure cocaine from its impurities. The preparation of freebase cocaine is very dangerous because it normally involves the use of highly explosive materials such as ether. Once it cools down and hardens the users or dealers break it into small pieces called rocks which are then smoked through a pipe. This concoction was given the nickname “crack” because of the distinct crackling sound it makes when the mixture is smoked. Overall, prices for crack are substantially cheaper than cocaine powder which has made the drug very popular amongst the poor in the inner cities. Smoking the crack cocaine delivers large quantities of cocaine into the lungs, reaching the brain in a few seconds, and producing a high more intense than cocaine powder. The intense high lasts for shorter period of time usually between 15-30 minutes followed by a more crushing depression. Crack addiction rampaged through the United States during the mid-1980’s when it was initially introduced. Over the past few decades, the abuse of the drug has leveled out.

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