Intoxicated Driver Resource Center (IDRC)

Mandatory Drunk Driver Education Program

Any person convicted of a DWI in New Jersey must participate in a program at the Intoxicated Driving Resource Center (IDRC). The program provides for mandatory alcohol and highway safety education courses. IDRC will also evaluate each offender for alcohol or drug problems and if they determine treatment is needed you will be referred to a mandatory additional 16 week minimum treatment program. Furthermore, the IDRC will sometimes allow participants to supplement their treatment by attending self-help group sessions. There are IDRC centers in each county in New Jersey for first and third time DWI offenders and three regional IDRC centers for second time DWI offenders. The IDRC keeps track of your compliance and will notify the court and DMV if you do not complete your required IDRC classes. This will result in your license being suspended indefinitely until you finally do the IDRC and the court can impose jail as punishment for non-compliance. Additionally, you will be required pay certain related fees such as a $100 attendance fee and $100 license restoration fee to the MVC and $230 – $280 to the IDRC for a first offender or second offender fee.

Intoxicated Driving Program (IDP)

The Intoxicated Driving Program (“IDP”) is formed through a partnership with the Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC), Division of Addiction Services (DAS), and Motor Vehicle Commission (MVC). The IDP manages the IDRC including the office facilities, education, screening, and referrals. The overall goal of the IDP is to educate, not punish, in order to protect the public and make the highways safe while preventing recidivism among drunk driving offenders. This is achieved by educating drivers about alcohol and drugs in relation to driving and identifying those individuals who need treatment for an alcohol or drug problems. The length of the program depends on whether you have any prior DWI offenses. For a first time offender you will be responsible for completing a 12 hour IDRC program usually on a weekend divided between two consecutive for six hours each day. For a second offense you will be sentenced to a 48 hour program to be served consecutively for two straight days. For a third or subsequent offender, the court may allow you to serve up to 90 days of your 180 day jail sentence in an inpatient program. After you complete your jail and inpatient treatment the IDP will schedule you to appear for a 12 hour IDRC follow up. Thereafter, you may be required to participate in more treatment.

It is important to note that if you are an out-of-state resident and have been convicted of a DWI in New Jersey you must still comply the requirements of IDRC. If you live in a neighboring state you will most likely be required to travel to an IDRC location in New Jersey located closest to you. If that is not an option then you will have to complete an IDRC approved program in your home state. The driving restoration and program fees must still be paid to the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission. If you fail to complete the program then your driving privileges in New Jersey will remain suspended indefinitely and if you try renew your drivers license in your home state you will be unable to get a new license because of the hold in New Jersey.

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