Juvenile Theft Charges

Lawrence Juvenile Theft Defense Attorney

When a juvenile is arrested for a theft offense like burglary, robbery, shoplifting or another charge, a parent’s world can be turned upside down. There is no doubting that there can be serious questions about a child’s future when a parent is advised of a theft arrest. What is critical is that you enlist the sound guidance of a skilled defense attorney when this occurs. A lawyer that is familiar with the court system and what is required in order to effectively defend a theft offense is going to accomplish considerable in addressing your concerns and, more importantly, protecting your child against an unfavorable outcome. Here at the Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall, we have a team of former prosecutors and knowledgeable criminal attorneys with over 100 years of combined experience defending theft charges at the county courthouse in Trenton. If your child has been charged with stealing in any form, contact our office to speak to one of our lawyers in a free consultation. We are ready to conduct a comprehensive review of your son or daughter’s theft case and to provide you with the insight you need. Contact our Lawrence Office for an immediate consultation with an attorney on our defense staff.

Mercer County Juvenile Theft Offense

If your child is found guilty of theft, he or she could suffer serious consequences, now and in the future. Theft is unlawfully taking or exercising control over the property of another with the purpose to deprive that person of the property and can include the following:

  • Car theft or “Joy-riding”;
  • Receiving stolen property of another person;
  • Theft of services like cable, internet or other utilities;
  • Writing a bad check ;
  • Burglary;
  • Robbery; or
  • Shoplifting, which is considered a separate offense from theft, and includes changing a price tag, hiding merchandise, and taking merchandise from a store without paying for it.

Penalties for Juvenile Theft

A juvenile who is found guilty of the offense of theft in the state of New Jersey could face a number of penalties, depending on whether there are any prior offenses, the specifics of the case, and the value of the stolen property. If the charge involves stealing property with a value of $75,000 or more, the offense is a second degree crime that can result in up to three years of detention. If the property is worth at least $500, but less than $75,000, the theft is a third degree crime that can carry up to two years of detention. For theft of property which is worth less than $500, but more than $200, your child faces a fourth degree crime and up to one year of detention. Stealing less than $200 is a disorderly persons offense that triggers up to six months of detention.

If your child steals an automobile, he or she could additionally lose all driving privileges for up to one year for a first-time offense, and up to ten years for a third-time offense. The driver’s license suspension does not begin until your child turns 17, so imagine how difficult it would be for your child to move on with his or her life if they were unable to drive.

Hamilton NJ Juvenile Theft Lawyer

If your child has been charged with juvenile theft in Trenton at the Mercer County Superior Court, you must take these charges very seriously. The highly experienced juvenile criminal defense attorneys at the Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall, will work hard to have the charges reduced in order to avoid a harsh sentence. Our lawyers understand the importance of protecting your child’s future, and will guide you through the appropriate steps to accomplish that goal. If your child is in legal trouble, don’t wait, hoping it will go away on its own. It won’t, and you will have wasted valuable time which could have been spent ensuring your child’s rights and future with the protection of a competent lawyer on our team. An attorney in our Hamilton Office or another one of our locations is ready to assist you immediately.

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