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The variety of aggravated assault that arises most often in Hamilton and other municipalities in Mercer County is aggravated assault on a police officer. There are several reasons why this charge is the most frequently encountered form of aggravated assault offense and the biggest one is the lower threshold required in order for this violation to be triggered. All that is required is conduct that would otherwise be simple assault. Hiring an attorney with significant know-how in this area of law can prove to be invaluable in counteracting the reduced bar for proving aggravated assault on a police office at the Superior Court in Trenton.

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All aggravated assault charges are indictable in nature, including those where a police officer is the “victim”, so they can only be adjudicated at the Mercer County Superior Court. This venue handles all crime of the second degree, third degree and fourth degree such as aggravated assault. The lawyers at our firm have been defending cases at this courthouse for over 100 years combined and several members of our team have also served as prosecutors. We have a Hamilton Office, Lawrence Township Office and Princeton Office to serve those facing criminal charges throughout Mercer County and attorneys are available 24/7 to discuss the aggravated assault offense you are facing in Trenton. The chart that follows outlines the grading, elements and penalties for assaulting a police officer.

Degree of Offense Elements of this Aggravated Assault
Max Fine
Second Degree(1) Attempt to cause serious bodily injury or purposely, knowingly or reckless cause serious bodily injury to the police officer'(2) Cause bodily injury to the police officer while attempting to elude; or(3) Cause significant bodily injury to a police officer as a result of a fire caused knowingly or purposely5-10 Years with a requirement under the No Early Release Act that the defendant serve 85% of the sentence before being eligible for parole.$150,000
Third DegreeCommits a simple assault resulting in bodily injury to the police officer.Up to 5 Years$15,000
Fourth DegreeSimple assault on a police officer without bodily injury.Up to 18 Months$10,000

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Since aggravated assault on a police officer is always a felony, there is little room for error when it comes to selecting a lawyer. You will require representation by an attorney who has experience defending assault on a police officer and resisting arrest cases if you want the greatest opportunity to avert a criminal record. The Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall is thoroughly equipped to assist you with attorneys that have been representing clients in Trenton at the Superior Court for decades. We have the ability to fully serve you whether you were arrested in Lawrence, Trenton, Hamilton, Ewing, Princeton or another Mercer County municipality. To speak to one of our lawyers immediately, contact our office at 609–683–8102 for a free consultation.

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