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If you have been charged or arrested for terroristic threats you need an experienced criminal defense lawyer to represent your rights.The Princeton Office for the Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall which represents clients throughout Mercer County including Hamilton, Robbinsville,West Windsor, Lawrenceville, East Windsor and surrounding areas such as Bordentown and Raritan. Our firm consists of seven criminal defense lawyers who work hand in hand with the prosecutors and police to effectuate a successful resolution of each one of our clients cases. If you or a loved one has been charged with terroristic threats then it is in your best interest to contact us for a free initial consultation at (609) 683-8102.

The crime of terroristic threats is, in general terms, a threat to commit a crime of violence against a person or their property. Most commonly terroristic threats involve a written threat such as an email or cell phone text message. However, a verbal threat can also suffice but these types of cases are inherently harder to prove and usually come down to a credibility issue between the defendant and victim. The state does not need to prove that you actually intended to commit the threat. All that the prosecutor actually needs to show is that the threat presented a serious alarm for safety to a reasonable person. Terroristic threats is typically a third degree felony, but it can sometimes be upgraded to a second degree crime if the threat occurred during a state of emergency. The most common example of this would be if there was a national state of emergency and someone called in a bomb threat to a train stop or school building. Moreover, it is not a valid defense that the defendant did not know it was a declared period of emergency at the time the threat occurred.

Threats to Kill Someone

The most common form of a terroristic threats charge is a threat to kill another which puts a reasonable person in imminent fear of death which is likely to be carried out. The state must prove three material elements for this offense. It must prove that defendant threatened to kill another. Second, it must prove that defendant had a purpose to put that person in imminent fear of death. Third, it must prove that an ordinary hearer would reasonably believe the immediacy of the threat and the likelihood that it would be carried out. For the offense of threatening to kill, the state must prove that the defendant had the specific purpose of putting the victim in imminent fear of death. Imminent means a fear that the death will occur at the time the threat is uttered and not at some time in the future. Terroristic Threats is considered an act of Domestic Violence and is typically associated with other charges such as simple assault, harassment, and aggravated assault. Often times a terroristic threats charge will be the underlying act for a Restraining Order.

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A conviction for terroristic threats brings serious consequences, which include a permanent felony record and up to 3 – 5 years in state prison. It is important that you hire a criminal defense firm with the experience and knowledge to protect your interests. The Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall has a legal defense team of former prosecutors and veteran defense attorneys with over 100 years of collective experience. From our office in Princeton, we represent clients throughout Mercer County and surrounding areas. Give us a call today to make an appointment or schedule a free initial consultation over the phone.

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