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Trenton NJ Heroin Distribution Charge

Heroin has become an enormous industry on the black market and it has spread rapidly across the entire nation. Heroin is now widely accessible in every state including an abundance in New Jersey. The distribution and the manufacture of heroin has now become a billion-dollar industry and rivals other illegal narcotics sales that have been traditionally popular such as cocaine and marijuana. In an attempt to combat this spread, New Jersey has passed some of the most severe penalties in the country for people convicted of manufacturing, distributing or dispensing heroin. Therefore, it is essential that you have an experienced criminal defense lawyer on your side to protect your interests and help your through this process to minimize your exposure. We will analyze the proof issues in the State’s case and work hand in hand with the prosecutor in an effort to obtain Pre-Trial Intervention, or in the alternative seek to have the charges remanded or lowered. Our team of defense lawyers has well over 100 years of combined experience which will we put to work for you in defending your charges. If you would like to learn more information regarding your heroin distribution charges and your options please contact us at (609) 683-8102.

Heroin Distribution Charge in Mercer County, NJ

If you have been arrested or indicted for selling heroin then you are facing a serious felony charge for distribution of heroin which is punishable by years in prison, loss of your license, and thousands in fines. It is common for simple possession of heroin to be upgraded to possession with intent to distribute heroin depending on the amount of drugs found in your car or on your person and the surrounding circumstances. This is because the police often assume that you were intending to sell heroin if you possess a large amount of drugs that would not be for personal use. Under 2C:35-5, the amount of heroin determines the degree of the indictable crime. It is important to note that the State can take the aggregate or use total of weight of drugs over the course of numerous sales to determine the weight of heroin. It is a crime of Third Degree Intent to Distribute Heroin if you are found possessing less than ½ an ounce of heroin and is punishable by 3 – 5 years in prison and excessive fines which can be up to $75,000. The crime is upgraded to Second Degree Distribution of Heroin if you are caught possessing a quantity of more than ½ ounce but less than 5 ounces of heroin and there becomes a presumption for incarceration for 5 – 10 years if found guilty. If you are found with more than 5 ounces of heroin you will be indicted for First Degree Heroin Distribution and will be facing mandatory prison time of 10 – 20 years in convicted. These indictable offenses carry serious repercussions including mandatory incarceration if you are found guilty. That is why it is so important to hire an experienced Mercer County drug charges defense lawyer who knows the court system and can provide you with an aggressive defense. To speak with one of our attorneys today contact us at (609) 683-8102 for an initial free consultation.

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