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Princeton University Criminal Lawyer

Charged With a Criminal Offense at Princeton University

There are over eight thousand students, twelve hundred faculty, and countless visitors to the campus of Princeton University. These individuals can have lapses in judgment that result in criminal charges. When the charge is filed against a student by campus police or by Princeton Police Department, it is also common for the University to file disciplinary charges that can result in removal from campus, suspension and even expulsion. This article has been prepared by the attorneys at The Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall to assist those who have been charged with a disorderly persons offense, indictable crime and/or violation of the conduct code at Princeton University. An attorney on our staff, which includes several former prosecutors and has over 100 years experience defending offenses in Mercer County, is available to discuss your case in detail. Every initial consultation with our lawyers is free. A lawyer is ready to help you by contacting our Princeton Office at 609–683–8102.

Princeton University Criminal Charges

Princeton University to required by federal law to track criminal offenses and arrests. Some of the information contained in the report is surprising and other statistics are not. Our lawyers have prepared individual subject pages that provide detailed information for the more common criminal offenses at Princeton University. We have also compiled resources to assist students who are facing disciplinary proceedings and sanctions. You will find the following helpful information:

Princeton University Disciplinary Resources Princeton University Criminal Charges Defended Criminal Defense Attorney for Charges at Princeton University

A defense attorney that is experienced in handling Princeton University and Mercer County criminal charges is precisely what you need to insure your success if you are facing a charge. The lawyers that make up the defense team at our firm are seasoned advocates that have been defending theft, sex, alcohol, assault, domestic violence at Princeton University and other criminal charges in Princeton Municipal Court and at the Superior Court in Trenton for decades. To secure an immediate free consultation with one of our attorneys, call 609–683–8102. A lawyer will conduct a comprehensive review of the facts associated with your charge and give you the advice you need without obligation.