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Hamilton NJ Expungement of Town Ordinances

In New Jersey it is common for a disorderly persons offense or misdemeanor charge be to downgraded to a ordinance violation. However the record of your arrest and the ordinance violation do not go away with the passage of time and they will still appear on background checks. This means that the arrest and conviction for an ordinance will show up if a potential employer, educational institution, or government agency conducts a background search of your public records. By getting an expungement of the municipal ordinance you can avoid the embarrassment and encumbrance that comes with a criminal record and help close a chapter on a past mistake. The Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall is a Mercer County Criminal Defense Firm which dedicates a large focus of our practice to expunging criminal records. Our firm is comprised of defense attorneys and former prosecutors with 100 years of combined experience so we ensure you that the expungement proceedings go quick and smoothly. We represent clients throughout Mercer County including Hamilton, West Windsor, Hopewell, Hightstown, Robbinsville, Princeton, Lawrenceville, East Windsor and surrounding areas such as Hunterdon County and Burlington County. Contact us at anytime to receive a free consultation with an expungement lawyer who can address any of questions or concerns.

Expunging New Jersey Municipal Ordinances Convictions

In New Jersey, an expungement is available for a municipal ordinance as long you have not been convicted of any prior or subsequent indictable crime, or convicted of three or more disorderly person or petty disorderly person offenses, whether it occurred in New Jersey or in another jurisdiction. These petty or disorderly persons convictions will not operate as a disqualification unless they occurred subsequent to the municipal ordinance violation. Furthermore, the individual must wait for a period of at least 2 years from the date of conviction, payment of fine, satisfactory completion of probation or release from incarceration, whichever is later to file duly verified expungement petition to the Superior Court in the county in which the violation occurred. The rules for expungement of ordinance convictions are more liberal than the rules for expungement of felonies and disorderly persons offenses. The fact that the applicant for the expungement of a conviction for a municipal ordinance has had a prior criminal conviction expunged or the fact that the applicant has been granted the dismissal of criminal charges following the completion of a supervisory treatment or other diversion program is not a disqualification for this type of expungement relief and there is usually no limit to the number of municipal ordinance violations that may be expunged.

East Windsor and Trenton Expungement Lawyers

If you or a family member has been arrested or convicted of municipal ordinance violation then you should contact an experienced expungement attorney today. Expungement of an arrest and ordinance conviction has many benefits, especially the fact that you can deny any arrest or conviction when asked by a potential employer. This means that after an expungement you can honestly answer “no” to a question regarding arrests or criminal convictions in many circumstances. The Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall offers clients an all inclusive assistance package by providing you with a vigorous defense and then the subsequent expungement of any and all records of the arrest or conviction from public records. If you have any further questions regarding a possible expungement of a town ordinance then contact our office to talk a Robbinsville expungement lawyer free of cost at (609) 683-8102.

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