Record of Arrest

Arrests Not Resulting in Conviction

Any time someone is arrested, the State will bring formal charges against you as part of their prosecution. However not every arrest results in a conviction because sometimes these charges are dismissed or dropped through a finding of not guilty or supervisory program. Even when you are not convicted of the crime there are records of the arrest, charges, and court proceedings which still exist in the public records. This means that when a potential employer, educational institution, or government agency conducts a background search your arrest will show up. The Law Offices of John F. Marshall is a criminal law firm that has a specific branch of its business dedicated to handling expungement orders. We expunge offenses from all across Mercer County NJ including Hamilton, Hopewell, Trenton, West Windsor, Princeton, and Lawrenceville. We can also provide you with a free initial consultation with a knowledgeable expungement lawyer who can answer any of your concerns regarding a possible sealing of records.

Expungement of Arrest Record in Mercer County

In Mercer County, people commonly get arrested or charged with a crime, disorderly persons offense, or municipal ordinance violation and then are subsequently able to get the charges dismissed, acquitted, or discharged without a conviction or finding of guilt. If a person wishes to get the court records and records of the arrest expunged they have an attorney file a duly verified petition to the Superior Court in the county in which the disposition occurredat any time following the disposition of proceedings. However, if your charges were dismissed because you entered into a diversion program, then you cannot get an expungement until6 months after the entry of the order of dismissal. Furthermore, if the person received the dismissal, discharge, or acquittal because court determined that the person was insane or lacked the mental capacity to commit the crime they were charged with then they are not eligible to get the arrest and court records expunged.

Clearing a Criminal Arrest from Your Record

If you made a regrettable decision that you wish you could forget but it still seems to “follow” you everywhere then let us help. The Mercer County Expungement Lawyers at The Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall have extensive experience with expunging criminal convictions and arrests so that you can finally move on with your life. An expungement of any record of arrest will make it easier for you to find a good job since you will no longer be legally required to disclose your criminal record. Contact our office today, which is conveniently located in Princeton, to speak with a knowledgeable expungement lawyer who can advise on your options and answer any legal questions you may have absolutely free of charge.

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