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Expunging Juvenile Arrests and Convictions

We know that sometimes people make bad decisions when they were young and immature but there is no reason for this to affect your present and future oppurtunities. There are a wide array of options for people who have changed their lives around and wish to clear their juvenile records. Almost any offense can be expunged, whether it was a juvenile delinquency, town ordinance violation, misdemeanor, or felony involving a prison sentence. By permanently erasing your past juvenile deliquency record you can save yourself from the embarrassment of having to disclose it to obtain loans or applying to a new job. The expungement attorneys at the Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall handle hundreds of expungements every year so that our clients can move on with their lives. If you have been convicted of a criminal offense or juvenile crime from anywhere in Mercer County New Jersey including the Superior Court in Trenton, Hamilton, Lawrenceville, Robbinsville, Ewing, East Windsor, Princeton, Hightstown, West Windsor or Hopewell. Contact our office to get a free consultation with a criminal defense attorney about your potential expungement and learn about your options.

Juvenile Records: Expungement Versus Sealing

For purposes of expungement, any act which resulted in a juvenile being adjudged a delinquent will be classified as if that act had been committed by an adult.Any person charged with a juvenile offense and or adjudged a juvenile delinquent may have such adjudication expunged if the act committed by the juvenile would have constituted an indictable offense, disorderly persons offense, petty disorderly persons offense, or town ordinance violation. The procedure to be followed is dependent on what the act would have constituted if it would have been committed by an adult. If the act committed by a juvenile would have constituted a crime if committed by an adult, then the juvenile may have the record expunged in the same manner that an adult would have the record of a conviction of a crime expunged.If the act committed by the juvenile would have constituted a disorderly or petty disorderly persons offense or an ordinance violation, then the juvenile may have those records expunged in the same manner that an adult would have the records of those convictions expunged.

Expungement of Juvenile Records

If a person does not qualify to have the records of juvenile delinquency expunged, they may still be able to have their records of the delinquency adjudication sealed. The qualifications for sealing records is much ess stringent. You must only wait two years from the date you were discharged from incarceration or supervision or after the court ruling if it did not involve custody or supervision. Secondly, you cannot have any convictions for a crime or a disorderly persons offense or adjudged delinquent or in need of supervision during the two year waiting period and no proceeding or complaint is pending seeking such conviction or adjudication. However, the remedy of sealing of records is less effective than an expungement in removing the traces of an individual’s contacts with the criminal justice system. The inspection of sealed records is permitted by court order and not restricted to particular individuals, unlike an expungement.

Entire Record Expunged Pertaining to Juvenile Delinquency and Charges

In New Jersey the law also allows some offenders to get their entire juvenile records expunged in one procedure. In order for a person to get their entire record of juvenile delinquency expunged they must meet certain basic requirements which include:

  1. Wait 5 years the since the final discharge of incarceration or supervision or wait 5 years since any court ruling not involving custody or supervision;
  2. Not have been convicted of a crime, or a disorderly or petty disorderly persons offense, or adjudged a delinquent, or in need of supervision, during the 5 year period or have any proceeding or complaint is pending seeking such a conviction or adjudication;
  3. Never have been adjudged a juvenile delinquent for an act which if committed by an adult would constitute a crime that could not be expunged;
  4. Never had an adult conviction expunged; and
  5. Never had adult criminal charges dismissed following completion of a supervisory treatment or other diversion program.

If you or a family member is interested in getting an arrest or conviction permanently expunged from your record you should contact an experienced expungement attorney today. The defense attorneys at the Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall not only help clients fight their criminal charges but we will also help you get any prior convictions expunged from your record. Contact our office today, which is conveniently located in Princeton, in order to schedule an appointment or have a free consultation over the phone by calling us at (609) 683-8102.

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